For_each & for not tracking resource dependency (0.12.7)

I’m trying to manage a set of AzureAD resources from a single map (so that we can declare users and a calculated set of groups they should be in in one place):

variable "users" {
  default = {
    smccartney_test1   = { superuser = ["dv1", "us1"] }
    smccartney_test2   = { superuser = ["dv1", "us2"] }

resource "azuread_user" "users" {
  for_each              = var.users
  user_principal_name   = format("%s%s", each.key, "")
  password              = random_string.temp_password2.result

resource "azuread_group" "SuperUsers_US2" {
  name = "SuperUsers_US2"
  members = [
    for user in azuread_user.users:
    if contains(lookup(var.users[user.mail_nickname], "superuser", []), "us2")

This works, but on the 1st terraform apply, only the user is created, on the 2nd plan & apply, the members for azuread_group.SuperUsers_US2 is updated correctly.

I’ve tried explicitly adding the azuread_user to the azuread_group dependency via depends_on = [azuread_user.users] and depends_on = [azuread_user.users["smccartney_test3"]], neither of which result in the members property of the azuread_group being calculated & correctly in the first pass.

Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way for me to have the members calculated correctly during the first plan?

Hi simonmcc! That’s definitely not expected, and at a glance I don’t see anything wrong or unusual with your configuration. Can you please open a GH issue and fill out the issue template fully, so we can see how the graph construction is playing out?