Framework's Alternative to `terraform-plugin-sdk/v2/helper/logging`

I am working on migrating a SDK v2 plugin to a Framework plugin. I couldn’t find an alternative in framework for logging’s Transport in SDK v2. I also saw the official GCP implementation’s framework provider uses this helper function from SDK v2. I wonder if it will be moved or rebuilt in the framework so we will be able to get rid of SDK v2 completely.

Hi @zliang-akamai :wave: Thank you for raising this! It is likely to migrated over to the terraform-plugin-log Go module via Consider tflog http.Transport Implementation · Issue #91 · hashicorp/terraform-plugin-log · GitHub, however this effort has not been prioritized by the maintainers yet. If interested, I would recommend adding a :+1: reaction to that feature request to help with the prioritization. Thanks again.

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Thank you! I :+1: it

Hi there,

Any news on this? I’m wondering how to implement http logs in Terraform Plugin Framework. Should I use external library or go with SDK logger implementation which still works fine.