GCP Data Proc Component Gateway Creation

I’m trying to create data proc cluster in GCP using terraform resource google_dataproc_cluster. I would like to create Component gateway along with that. Upon seeing the documentation, it has been stated as to use the below snippet for creation:

cluster_config {
** endpoint_config {**
** enable_http_port_access = “true”**
** }**
Upon running the terraform plan, i see the error as " Error: Unsupported block type". And also tried using the override_properties and in the GCP data proc, i could see that the property is enabled, but still the Gateway Component is disabled. Wanted to understand, is there an issue upon calling the one given in the Terraform documentation and also is there an alternate for me to use it what?

software_config {
image_version = “${var.image_version}”
override_properties = {
“dataproc:dataproc.allow.zero.workers” = “true”
“dataproc:dataproc.enable_component_gateway” = “true”