GCP problem with google logging billing account sink resource

Can someone help me with exporting billing account reports to BigQuery service with terraform
and first question :
is it possible to configure and enable billing account export with terraform???
i’m trying to config this with terraform :
i asked google support and got answer : you can enable billing export :
Daily cost detail and Pricing only manually but they dont know about possibility from terraform!
i created bigquery dataset and got access to billing account and of course i created billing account sink!
but i can’t enable export to bigquery…

terraform code

resource "google_bigquery_dataset" "gke-bigquery-dataset" {
  dataset_id                  = "gke_logs_dataset"
  location                    = "US"
  default_table_expiration_ms = null
  delete_contents_on_destroy  = true

 labels = {
   environment = terraform.workspace,
     target = "sink",

resource "google_logging_billing_account_sink" "sink" {
  name            = "sink"
  billing_account = "my billing account ID"
  filter          = ""
  destination     = "bigquery.googleapis.com/projects/${var.project_id}/datasets/${google_bigquery_dataset.gke-bigquery-dataset.dataset_id}"

resource "google_project_iam_binding" "log-writer-bigquery" {
  role = "roles/bigquery.dataEditor"
  members = [

may be you don’t have billing admin role

thanks for the answer but i have billing account admin role for terraform service account and sink creates without any errors