GCP Secrets Engine Grayed out in Vault UI

I was working with the GCP secrets engine and I noticed the GCP Secrets engine is always grayed out. I compared it to the AWS secrets engine and even when unconfigured it is clickable.


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@burstingninja give us some of your $VAULT_ADDR/v1/sys/health output here if you can.

This wouldn’t happen to be related to your blog post about the GCP vs AWS secrets engines, would it?

Hi @burstingninja ! The UI doesn’t currently have support for all of the secret engine types. AWS is one of the supported ones, so it is enabled and navigable in the UI and has a full set of functionality once you navigate into it. The GCP Secrets engine isn’t yet supported.

You can see a full list of supported secret engines in the source here:

As a work around for now, you should be able to use the the Web CLI to list, write, read, and delete in the GCP engine.

Hope this helps!