Generate orphan token of the same policy without revoking the previous one

I’m generating an orphan token for integration with the boundary. I use boundary-controller and otp policies (for ssh secret access). The structure is as follows:

But I’m having a problem, when I generate another token with these same policies, the previously generated token is revoked. How do I generate another orphan token with the same policies as another token that has already been generated? Without any being revoked?

It is also necessary that they keep renewing themselves, as shown in the previous configuration in the image

Note: The way I managed to make it work is by creating a policy for each token

Can you post the command/responses for the entire test?
You should not be creating a unique policy for each token.


The return is exactly like that. I hid the returned token. But when I generate a new token with the same policies, the old token is revoked.

Are there any settings I need to go through to fix this?