Geo Failover service discovery

Hello ,

i have two consul cluster with three nodes each ( east4 and central1 ) in gcp cloud connected to k8 clusters running in east4 and central1 , i had sucessfully established cross region federation following consul document , however when i tried to do service discovery from east4 kubernetes to a service in central1 consul , it failed to discover the service ,later i created query in east4 consul to failover for any service discovery fail to central1 and was sucessful in my use case ,

i see the implementing query would resolve consul services from '.query.consul ’ which makes our applications to change their code and redeploy , do we have any suggestion to do failover across regions with out cahnging the service names



There isn’t really straightforward way to leverage prepared queries without modifying your application.

Connect also provides connection failover through Service Resolvers. However, this would still necessitate modifications in your application in order to route traffic through the Connect proxy.