Getting context deadline exceeded for postgres custom plugin

Hello Members,

I have written a custom plugin for postgres, it is working fine when I run using a single node.
When I run this in a 2 node cluster + raft, it works fine for some time , may be 5-6 hours after that It throws the following exception. Any pointers on how to fix this.

If I restart the nodes again it works fine, configuration parameters are as follows.

map[connection_url:postgresql://postgres:@:5432/tokenstore?sslmode=disable max_connection_lifetime:5s max_idle_connections:10 max_open_connections:10 username:*

2020-10-16T10:06:34.700Z [TRACE] secrets.database.database_3e7221d7.ds-postgresql-database-plugin: create user: transport=gRPC status=finished err=“rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled” took=1m29.998317329s

2020-10-16T10:07:18.234Z [TRACE] secrets.database.database_3e7221d7.ds-postgresql-database-plugin: revoke user: transport=gRPC status=finished err=“rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded” took=1m29.999554234s


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