GitLab + JWT + Vault + AD Group

Hi all,

I am working on the integration between GitLab + JWT + HashiCorp Vault and AD. My environment is on-premise and both has AD integration for authentication:

  • GitLab: 14.10.0-ee ( Premium)
  • Vault: 1.2.3 (OpenSource)

Currently: It is working when I specify a list of users in the bound_claims, like:

"user_claim": "user_login",
  "bound_claims": {
    "user_login": ["user1", "user2"]

My goal: Instead of using a list of users I would like to use a list of AD groups, in order to
validate if the user is a member of a particular group. Something like this pseudocode:

"groups_claim": "ad_groups",
  "bound_claims": {
    "ad_groups": ["devops"]

Currently Vault configuration:

vault auth enable jwt
vault write auth/jwt/config jwks_url="" bound_issuer=""
vault secrets enable -path=sfcc kv-v2
vault policy write prd-sfcc - <<EOF

path "sfcc/data/prd*" {
  capabilities = [ "read", "list" ]

vault write auth/jwt/role/prd-sfcc - <<EOF
  "role_type": "jwt",
  "policies": ["prd-sfcc"],
  "token_explicit_max_ttl": 60,
  "user_claim": "user_login",
  "bound_claims_type": "glob",
  "bound_claims": {
    "project_path": "dev/myproject",
    "ref_type": "tag",
    "user_login": ["user1", "user2"],
    "environment_protected": "true",
    "environment": "Production"
} }

Any idea how I could validate if the user who started the job (user_claim) is member of specific AD group?

This is a really really old version of Vault - it doesn’t make sense to be using such an old version for any new work.

Does that not work as is? It seems to me like it should.

Please be aware you can’t "list" on the /data/ subpath of a KVv2. The list operation is defined on the /metadata/ subpath.

Good point there is a task on our roadmap to upgrade Vault.

This is a pseudocode, I just invented those keys/values

Right, I will update the capabilities

Then, good guess, it looks like correct actual config to me! Give it a try!

No way hehe
Well, I tried, and I got: "groups_claim": "ad_groups", :api error: status code 400: "ad_groups" claim not found in token

Which means that GitLab is not providing the AD group in the JWT token (Authenticating and reading secrets with HashiCorp Vault | GitLab)
So, I am out of luck, or is there any other way for Vault to validate based only with the username?

Oh, I see.

If the information is not available in the JWT, then there is no way to have Vault provide this enforcement directly.

I had assumed that you had a more usual JWT of the kind a generic OIDC identity provider would produce - sorry, I’m not familiar with GitLab jobs.

Unless you can enforce restrictions at a different layer, such as limiting which users can trigger the jobs at all, I think it would probably be necessary to implement a custom Vault auth method plugin to get the behaviour you are looking for. (It would need to do its own LDAP lookup to get group information.)