Gitlab repo creation and data search together

Hi ,

I am using the gitlab official terraform module to create a gitlab repository from a gitlab group level template project. In the same code I am also using a gitlab file data search.

resource “gitlab_project” “dummy_product_projects” {
name = “test”
default_branch = “master”
description = “test”
namespace_id =
visibility_level = “private”
use_custom_template = true
template_project_id =
group_with_project_templates_id =

data “gitlab_repository_file” “test” {
project =
ref = “master”
file_path = “test.yaml”

Then within local I am trying to read the content of the file test.yaml

content = try(yamldecode(base64decode(data.gitlab_repository_file.test.content)), {})

Then I am trying to create other resources based on what input has been provided in the yaml file; i.e the via the local variable. My understanding is initially the test.yaml would have the content what is there in the gitlab template.

But while running terraform , I am getting the following errors

local.content.values will be known only after apply

│ The “for_each” map includes keys derived from resource attributes that cannot be determined until apply, and so Terraform cannot determine the full set of
│ keys that will identify the instances of this resource.

I am assuming when I am running this for the first time , the gitlab repo does not exist so the terraform cant determine the local values.

Is there any way we can get rid of this situation ?