Go Plugins + systemd

Apologies in advance for tagging this with Terraform, it does not have anything to do with Terraform.

I’m using Go Plugin System over RPC as part of a service that I’m developing.
The service developed in Golang is managed by systemd. This leads to the creation of temporary socket files as a result of RPC connection for each plugin. While these socket files do get cleaned up when the service is launched outside of systemd i.e. the binary behind this service is launched manually, with systemd however when I run systemd stop <service_name> these socket files aren’t being cleaned up leading to an accumulation over time.

Has anyone reported of such an issue ? Are there any workarounds or am I just developing it wrong ?

Please note that my service has code to intercept the SIGTERM signal to handle graceful shutdown of the service.

I can share my code snippet if needed but before going through the hassle of redacting parts of it I wanted to just know upfront if similar issues have been reported in the past.