Google Pubsub pull based filter

I am facing issue with creating filter n pubsub on pull based subscription.

Error: Unsupported argument

│ on line 46, in module “Ingest_Subscription”:
│ 46: filter = “attributes.objectId = “**********””

can anyone help

Hi @amansingh14,

It looks like you missed part of the error message when sharing it (there ought to be a paragraph after the code snippet explaining the situation a little more) but from the context it seems like your module doesn’t include a declaration of a variable named filter:

variable "filter" {
  # ...

The arguments in a module block are, aside from a few special names like source, declared by variable blocks in the child module, so you’ll need to include a declaration for each variable you intend to pass in.

Thanks @apparentlymart
I got it. its fixed… Thanks alot.