Googleworkspace groups list

Not sure this is in the right place, but there was no category for the googleworkspace provider.

I was wondering why there is no googleworkspace_groups resource similar to googleworkspace_users to get a group list of all groups in the workspace. Is there a specific reason or is it just a non prioritized use case?

My specific use case is to take workspace groups replicated from an active directory domain with a specific naming convention and add them to specific gcp local groups. The code is very straight forward as long as I list the group names in the variables, but I’d really like to not have the extra step of replicating a new group and also add it to terraform.

If anyone has any idea how to get a group list that I didn’t think of, I’d appreciate any hint :slight_smile:

Something like this seems to work, is it worth learning the test framework/doc style and trying for a pull request or is it a non wanted feature?

Couldn’t get existing tests to work, so a bit behind on that bit :slight_smile: