Grafana_data_source "influxdb" Flux support

I am setting up a pipeline to automatically sync a Grafana test environment to production when applicable. Mostly it works well enough, but I’m having some trouble with the InfluxDb datasource.

According to the documentation I can provide the following parameters:

 resource "grafana_data_source" "influxdb" {
 type          = "influxdb"
 name          = "${var.influx_name}"
 url           = "${var.influx_url}"
 username      = "${var.influx_username}"
 password      = "${var.influx_password}"  
 database_name = "${var.influx_bucket_prod}"

The datasource is created with these values. So far so good. But…
These settings are for what Grafana refers to as the InfluxQl (classic) setup. The datasource I’m trying to synchronize uses the newer Flux setup. This requires a different set of parameters:

  • URL
  • Organization
  • Token
  • Default Bucket
  • Min time interval
  • Max series

(InfluxDB | Grafana Labs)

As far as I can see, the current version of the provisioner does not support the Flux parameters (yet).
Is that correct and do I need to wait until Flux support is added, or am I overlooking something?

Hi, have you resolved the problem regarding the token?