Hashi Consul for exposing monolith services and does it cover security usecases currently supported by PING

Hello Consul users,

I got a general query, am aware that consul is pre-dominantly used for micro service pattern.
Can it also be used for securing Monolith services just like PING identity?

@blake Hope you could assist here.

Hi @Shojan,

I’m not too familiar with Ping Identity’s software architecture. Could you describe in a bit more detail what you’re trying to do, and the issues (if any) you may be running into?

Thanks for your response @blake.

Firstly would like to know, if Consul can be used to secure Monolith services?
Second : What all security measures does Consul provides for Monolith Services?
Third : What would be the deployment pattern of Consul for proxying/securing Monolith Services.