Hashicorp Registry vs Custom Registry Providers

Hi there.

We ran into an issue using Jenkins stashes/unstashes specifically when we introduced an internal registry and custom providers.

During our digging we noticed that our custom providers were being set at 0555 whereas providers that came from the Hashicorp registry were being set at 0775.

We’ve since implemented a workaround causing the permissions issue but i’m curious as to why the two directory trees have different permissions.

Nick Anderson (nande)

Hi @iamnande,

If you mean the executable file, like terraform-provider-example_v1.0.0_linux_amd64, then the permissions for that should be taken from the .zip package that the registry pointed to. Perhaps you built your custom providers in a slightly different way that caused different permissions to be recorded in the .zip file?

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I’ll take a look at that. Thanks!

Hi @apparentlymart, I just wanted to close the loop on this one.

The uploaded permissions did in fact match what we were seeing after terraform init.

We were able to resolve this today, thank you!

Nick Anderson (nande)

Great! Thanks for following up with the conclusion. :tada: