HashiCorp Vault Authentication using Azure Active Directory & Terraform

I am looking to set up Vault authentication using Azure Active Directory (with OIDC), provisioned through Terraform.

Now, I’ve come across a few useful examples online, but none so far has provided me with detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to achieve the following:

  1. Set up and configure Azure Active Directory components including:
    - App Registration
    - Claims/Tokens
    - Service Principals

  2. Set up and configuration of Vault on my localhost.

  3. Terraform code examples to enable me provision the required Azure resources to
    achieve among others, the following:
    - Configure OIDC
    - Create an Azure Role, Groups, etc
    - Read/Write secrets in Vault
    - Successfully invoke and authenticate a login to Vault via OIDC

Would greatly appreciate any assistance on this, particularly any working examples with detailed, step-by-step scripts/code, guide or instructions.