Hashicorp Vault backups snapshots

On Hashicorp Cloud, what happens to daily backups/snapshots if you accidentally destroy a cluster? How long are snapshots retained?

How about if a Hashicorp employee accidentally deletes the wrong org?

Hi @cameronwhiting ,

If you delete a cluster on AWS, we are able to retain snapshots for 30 days. On Azure, they are deleted with the cluster:

On a HashiCorp employee deleting something, I am checking for a specific answer to that question but we do have several compliance certification in place:

when you say “we are able” do you mean /you do/? also, does that mean we can restore the cluster from the HCP UI, or that we have to email support to do so?

We do keep them for 30 days. What I meant by “we are able” is because retaining access to snapshots after a cluster is deleted is not an option in Azure, just AWS.

To answer the other question, yes you would need to open a support ticket. This support doc has the steps: