HCP Vault and Terraform Cloud

We deploy our infrastructure using Terraform Cloud and wish to add HCP Vault into the mix.

It doesn’t look like there is a way to allow connectivity between the two.

Would we need to make HCP Vault public because that would be less than ideal.

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Hello @harana,

At this time, you will need to either use the HCP Vault public endpoint or set up a Terraform Cloud Agent with Terraform Cloud for Business in a peered VPC to access the private endpoint.

We’ve been looking into ways to expand the integration. If you have any other workflows or feedback on how you’d like to use Terraform Cloud with HCP Vault, let us know!


Note that this also applies to HCP Consul as well.

Using either in public mode is a major security risk and we really want HCP to manage everything for us i.e. not using agents.

Please add this as an enhancement request.

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