HCS Access Issue


I recent deployed The HCS on Azure and was trying to access the UI for it when I was asked to ‘Log in’ as seen below and I am getting a similar message on all the pages. I enabled the external endpoint and am using the development version.


I realised that I need a key from ACL that I can use to log in. I attempted to log in to the cluster through the CLI (az aks get-credentials) but my access was denied by a Deny Assignment Policy since the resource group is a managed one.

“the access is denied because of the deny assignment with name 'System deny assignment created by managed application”

How can I access my ACL tokens or log into the cluster and use the CLI?

The credentials needed for the Consul UI here are a Consul ACL token. There are two ways to get that.

First you could use the HCS Terraform provider to create the root ACL token for the Consul cluster using the hcs_cluster_root_token resource.

The second solution is to install the HCS Azure CLI extensions:

$ az extension add --source https://releases.hashicorp.com/hcs/0.4.6/hcs-0.4.6-py2.py3-none-any.whl

And then execute:

$ az hcs create-token --name <hcs app name> --resource-group <azure resource group>

Once you have to root token you can use this to login to the UI or to use the Consul CLI/API.

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That worked well for me thank you so much. As an extra note for anyone else encountering the same issue, do the above steps on your local computer as it won’t run on the Azure Portal CLI.