Hdinsight Version 4.0 Incompatible with Hbase version

Hello, I’m Vinay,

I’m using multiple azure modules with Terraform. I thought to automate HDInsight cluster with terraform which i was creating using azure portal. I have defined below configuration:
`resource “azurerm_hdinsight_hbase_cluster” “HbaseHDInsightCluster” {
cluster_version = “4.0.1000”
location = var.location
name = var.hdp_clustname
resource_group_name = var.hdp_rgname
tier = “Standard”

component_version {
hbase = “2.1.6”

When i apply above configuration, i found version not compatible error

Error: failure creating HDInsight HBase Cluster “test-dev-hdp” (Resource Group “dhdp-rg”): hdinsight.ClustersClient#Create: Failure sending request: StatusCode=400 – Original Error: Code=“BadRequest” Message=“HDI Version’4.0’ is not supported for clusterType ‘hbase’ and componentVersion ‘2.1.6’.,Invalid component version for HDInsight version: 4.0 cluster type: HBase”

Could someone assist me to get rid of it?