Helm Chart not working with S3 custom configuration


I’ve been trying to get the Vault Helm Chart to work in standalone mode with S3 Storage with the bellow values.yaml:

enabled: true
serviceType: “NodePort”
enabled: true
config: |
ui = true

  listener "tcp" {
    tls_disable = 1
    address = "[::]:8200"
    cluster_address = "[::]:8201"

  storage "s3" {
    bucket = "bucketname"
    region = "region"
    kms_key_id = "key_id"
    path = "path"

But every time I run it, the config gets overridden by the extraconfig-from-values.hcl file. After running the helm chart I am able to edit the configuration and replace it with my s3 config. Am I not supposed to be able to use my own custom standalone config?