Helm chart to install vault agent injector only

Hi guys,

Any one know whether there is a way to install vault agent injector component only, with helm charts?

I’ve an existing vault cluster already setup in EC2 Nodes. Now I need to install vault agent injector in EKS with helm charts, to allow pods to leverage the existing vault cluster.

How can I do that? The hashicorp vault chart seems install both server component and agent injector, Thanks,


Hi @dcopperfield888,

You can do this by issuing the following command :

helm install vault hashicorp/vault \
    --set "injector.externalVaultAddr=http://external-vault:8200"

This will disable the server component, as described in this guide : https://developer.hashicorp.com/vault/tutorials/kubernetes/kubernetes-external-vault#install-the-vault-helm-chart-configured-to-address-an-external-vault


Thanks a lot, @erlisb, that works great. sorry for replying late.