Help ECS Service ! Terraform miss the force-new-deployment

I want to use the following code block to deploy the ecs service task per apply, even if my image is still an old version, and the force_new_deployment will help me mandatory to update it. But in my test, I found that it doesn’t.

resource "aws_ecs_service" "this" {

  name                              = local.service_name

  cluster                           = var.cluster_arn

  task_definition                   = aws_ecs_task_definition.this.arn

  desired_count                     = var.desired_count

  launch_type                       = "FARGATE"

  platform_version                  = var.platform_version

  force_new_deployment              = true

  health_check_grace_period_seconds = var.health_check_grace_period_seconds

  tags                              = var.tags

  network_configuration {

    security_groups = var.security_groups

    subnets         = var.subnets


when I use the aws cli, It can mandatory update.

aws ecs update-service  --cluster ${clusterName}  --service ${serverName}  --platform-version ${platformVersion}     --force-new-deployment    --region ${region}

anyone know why cause it?