Help! (Error: Missing newline after argument)

Hi, community,

I received this error while trying to introduce a new variable, “private_ip” to associate it when the instances are created via code in module-ec2, since some customers want to use their own private IPs no matter what instances we provision for them.

Here is the relevant code from /terraform/module-ec2/

locals {
  project_title = title(var.project)

variable "customer" {
  description = "Name of the infrastructure"
  default     = ""
variable "private_ip" {
  description = "Specify the private IPs if there is any the customers want to maintain, in the '["private_ip1", "private_ip2", "private_ip3"]' format"
  type = list(string)
  default = [""]

Here is the relevant code from /terraform/module-ec2/ I want to attach the designated private IPs when instances are created):

resource "aws_eip" "instance" {
  count    = var.dc_node_count
  instance = element(aws_instance.instance.*.id, count.index)
  associate_with_private_ip = var.private_ip[count.index]
  vpc      = true

  tags = {
    Name         =
    Customer     = var.customer
    env          = var.env
    project      = var.project

But after trying several different solutions, the ‘terraform plan’ error " On module-ec2/ line 402(the description line of defining private_ip): An argument definition must end with a newline" is never gone(We use terraform 0.12). There might be multiple places which I need to improve.

Any wisdom or answer is much appreciated. Thanks!!