Help for noob: How to use helm to create dynamic db using postgres for standalone vault

Hi, I am using/ configuring vault helm chart as a stand alone with backend set with postgresql. I have little to no expirience using postgresql and I would like to get guidance/an idea how to use helm to set up a postgresql that satisfies the needs of vault.


Begs the question - why are you using Postgres for backend and not use integrated storage?

Besides the question of @mikegreen I would suggest using the bitnami helm chart:

we use postgresql alot for out ml and ai projects, so ideally being consistent there would be ideal.

thank you! I have a follow up on this. I’ve custom built a single postgres server and enabled my standalone vault.

Now, my vault can’t verify connection to the database.

  1. Does my db need to be in the same namespace as vault or so long as they are deployed in the same instance, name space is irrelevant.

Error writing data to database/config/my-postgresql-database: Error making API request.

Code: 400. Errors:

  • error creating database object: error verifying connection: dial tcp connect: connection refused

This implies that Vault is looking for Postgres on the same container, I think.