Help~non-voting-server Seem Not Wrok

I deploy 1 Consul Server and 2 non-voting-server in one Zone ,while 2 Consul Server in another Zone.The 5 Server as a cluster.But the non-voting-server is auto transfer to Voting-Server.Why? Someone can answer?

HI @CherleX,

This feature is only available in Consul enterprise. Are you attempting to use this with the enterprise version?

Linking the GitHub Issue you also filed for this

Thanks For your answer. But my problem is that I deploy Consul in 2 AZ,when one AZ is down,How can I ensure Consul work properly? For example: consul_server_1(which is leader) and consul_server_2 deployed in AZ1. while consul_server_3 deployed in AZ2, when AZ1 is down. Does this mean the cluster is down?Is there some solution to solve the problem?