Help regarding Databricks Metastore

I am using terraform to create a datbricks metastore using this.
Now the issue is that I want to use this metastore reference in another terraform project where I am creating the databricks workspaces but there is no data source for metastore. Can anyone help how I can get this working.In short I want to have something like

data "databricks_metastore" "metastore" {
  name                = "metastore-name"

That does seem like a missing feature in the relevant provider. It would probably be best to report it to the vendor, or submit a PR.

It might be possible to work around it by exposing the metastore ID via a Terraform output, and using Terraform remote state to access the outputs from another workspace … but this is unnecessarily complicated, when just providing the datasource you described is how things ought to be done.

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