Help with AWS ELB

Hey! I’m using Terraform with AWS, I currently have an aws_instance fully configured and working correctly.
Now I want to put it behind a auto scaling group and load balancer.
I want the auto scaling group to scale depending on the number of incoming requests.
I am following this tutorial but in that tutorial he’s scaling up / down by cpu usage.
Since my project is just a learning project, i doubt the cpu will budge even with a lot of requests.
Can someone help me change it to look at incoming requests instead of cpu?

Also I would love some explanation about internal DNS names and how to set them up, I want other services inside the VPC to be able to get to this ELB using a name

Like you, I’m learning - so I’m not sure this is a definitive asnwer, but I was looking at the autoscaling policy stuff aws_autoscaling_policy | Resources | hashicorp/aws | Terraform Registry and saw the info about request counts. I wonder if that would be what you wanted? :thinking: