Help with Remote backend tutorial


I am trying to work through this tutorial remote backends but I have an issue with the syntax provided by Terraform.

Upon creation of my workspace I am given this code to paste into the terraform block in my .TF file:

terraform {
  backend "remote" {
    organization = "AkavaTest"

    workspaces {
      name = "aws-terraform-study"

However when I paste this into my terraform block I get the following error:

 Error: Invalid character
 on line 3, in terraform:
   3:     organization = "AkavaTest"

This character is not used within the language.

Please help as I am attempting to study terraform and this error seems odd to me. I don’t know how to resolve it.

Just for reference here is an exact screenshot of the code that is given to me to paste into my terraform block. Why doesn’t this just work?

Well, could there be some invisible control character within the given line. Would you delete it and retype it?

I had to type it as you suggested. Copy/pasting what is provided does not work.