Hi, unable to login to our AWS ubuntu instance using LDAP Tokens from windows gitbash

My aim is to connect to ubuntu AWS instances deployed in K8s cluster using existing LDAP credentials.(not sure this will work?).
I have installed Vault server in K8s cluster in a separate namespace and unsealed server.
and I have used LDAP auth method to authenticate to vault server using following config.
vault write auth/ldap/config url=“ldap://ldap.server:389” userattr=“uid” userdn=“ou=devel,dc=,dc=com” discoverdn=true groupdn=“ou=devel,dc=<compny),dc=com” token_policies=“test” token_bound_cidrs=“” insecure_tls=true starttls=false.
I am able to authenticate to vault server and getting back the tokens.

but with same token am not able to login to ubuntu servers.

my question is can we connect to ubuntu servers using LDAP tokens via ssh(i am assuming vault will create a temp user in Ubuntu server) correct me if am wrong.

Please guide me if I am doing something wrong here or please propose some solution/link where I can refer.
basically I need to connect to Ubuntu servers using LDAP credentials.

Thanks in Advance