How to set secret environment variable on Waypoint using ECS

I tried python application deploy using secret environment variable.

Reading some documents, I understood there are some way to set environment variables.
I did it by setting WP_VAR_token = [here is value]
However, when waypoint up, output include these variable like that,

        VARIABLE       |                     VALUE                     |  TYPE  | SOURCE   
  token                  | <here is value>                            | string | env

and the variable are not included in ecs service(application cannot get the environment variable!). So I have trouble understooding the logic of passing application environment variables.

Anyone have any insight?
I’m not familiar with this product, so I think it’s possible that I’m making a rudimentary mistake, but I’m at a dead end without even knowing what kind of mistake I’m making, so I’d like to ask you a question here.

Hi @ogiwelcome, thanks for trying out Waypoint to deploy your app! The env var you used WP_VAR_token, is useful for supplying an input variable to your Waypoint operation, without setting it using the -var flag. However, input variables are used to supply values in your waypoint.hcl file. To provide config values to your application, you can use config variables. These can be provided in your waypoint.hcl file in a config stanza, or by using the CLI command waypoint config set.