How are the Docker Images Built?

The hashicorp/vault image is presumably built from this Dockerfile. But that Dockerfile just copies the binary in - it has to be already built. Is it built with make ci-build-ui? Could we know the exact flags so that we can recreate it locally?

It would be helpful for provenance etc.

I suggest that you probably have a better chance of a resolution to this, if you log a GitHub issue asking that this be documented.

The reason is, GitHub issues have an open/closed state, and are usually used for things which actually require resolution on the Vault side, whereas discussion topics rapidly fade into being ignored after a few days inactivity, and are usually used for advice or recommendations which don’t require any resolution within the Vault project itself.

Thanks maxb. I actually started in GitHub and the issue dialog tells you to ask questions here. But I’ll open an issue as well.

The key point that makes this suitable for a GitHub issue, is that it’s not just a one time question to be answered, but a request for the documentation to be made better.

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Sure. I opened this issue.