How can I add company logo for the terraform provider

I need to add company logo for the provider , how can I add this?

Hi Team ,

Please help me with this query.

Hi @lm-madhvi :wave:

If you are looking to add or change the logo image associated with your provider namespace in the public Terraform Registry, you will need to update the profile image for the GitHub user or organization.

For example with my personal providers:

It does not look like this question is answered in the Registry Publishing FAQ, so I will ask the team responsible for that content if they would prefer to include this question there.

Hope this helps!

What if my org has more providers and each one needs its own logo? How to achieve this?

I’m not personally sure what is possible in that regard – my best suggestion would be to reach out to the support method listed in this website documentation to reach out.

It looks like Hashicorp does change this image for some of their providers, but can’t figure out how to do this as a 3rd party publisher.

It would be nice to be able to add an image to the repo and use terraform metadata to override the org image for those of us in large organizations with multiple terraform providers.

Alternatively, you could use the social media preview image from the repo Customizing your repository’s social media preview - GitHub Docs