How can I get in touch with the HashiCorp Linux packaging team?

I work on the APT/Debian plugin for, and some of our (and your) users reported trouble synchronizing your APT repository. Investigating I found some odd structure in the following metadata file of yours:

My question is: How can I get in touch with anyone from your packaging team, to raise an issue with them? Here in this forum, everything is structured by Product, and there is no clear category to raise issues with packaging. Any help is greatly appreciated!

P.S.: I found the following links, so there must be some team behind this:

Hi @quba42, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve confirmed we can reproduce the issue you’ve reported and are are currently working to resolve it.


$ curl -s | grep _temp-
Components: _temp-1646089102832_/focal/main _temp-1646089102832_/focal/test main test
 a6c8e87a68e989f8907b3d2af7ec9307            23422 _temp-1646089102832_/focal/main/binary-arm64/Packages

We’ve identified this affects our focal, groovy, and hirsute repositories. Please feel free to let us know if there are others we missed.

Thank you!

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Just closing the loop on this, we’ve removed the files that were causing the error. The repositories look good now.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response and fix!

I was now able to synchronize the above repository into pulp_deb for focal using the exact reproducer that previously failed. This is great! :smile: I was not aware of the same issue in groovy and hirsute or any other distributions/releases. Great you found those as well.

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