How do I authenticate an HCP Vault Provider with Terraform Cloud?

I created an HCP Vault as follows.

resource "hcp_vault_cluster" "cluster" {
  cluster_id = "${var.app_name}-${var.environment}"
  hvn_id     = hcp_hvn.aws_hvn.hvn_id
  tier       = local.tier
  public_endpoint = true

  lifecycle {
    prevent_destroy = true

resource "hcp_vault_cluster_admin_token" "token" {
  cluster_id = hcp_vault_cluster.cluster.cluster_id

I want to authenticate the Vault Provider in another Workspace in Terraform Cloud via hcp_vault_cluster_admin_token.

So I tried the following:

data "tfe_outputs" "hcp_vault" {
  workspace = "hcp_vault"

provider "vault" {
  address = tfe_outputs.hcp_vault.public_endpoint
  token = tfe_outputs.hcp_vault.token

But i got error

Should the vault Provider’s token be injected only as an environment variable?

If I use TFE Provider’s variable resource and inject it into the workspace as an environment variable, is the token rolling automatically done in the variable?

Thank you

Have you tried using address = tfe_outputs.hcp_vault.vault_public_endpoint_url

Does that get rid of the unsupported protocol scheme error?