How do I detect resource drift and update it in my custom provider?

I’m a newbie of custom providers, and now developing a custom provider resource having following schema.

		Schema: map[string]*schema.Schema{
			"input": {
				Type:        schema.TypeString,
				Required:    true,
			"status": {
				Type:        schema.TypeString,
				Optional:    true,
				Computed:    true,

This resource creates an actual resource according to the input variable, and then get status of the created resource.
I want to detect the resource drift as status value changed, so I set the status variable in my ReadContext function.

func resourceReadContext(ctx context.Context, d *schema.ResourceData, meta interface{}) diag.Diagnostics {

	status := getResourceStatusBySomeApi()
	d.Set("status", status)

	return nil

After modifying the resource manually and run terraform apply again, I expected UpdateContext function is called to fix the drift because status variable is changed, but Terraform tells No changes. Your infrastructure matches the configuration.

Is it possible to detect drift and let terraform run UpdateContext when the specific computed value is changed?