How do I import an existing github resource

I’m planning to govern a github organization with existing resources. I have my file in a respository in a repository and a module in a separate repository

How can I import an existing team called “test” into my existing state file and csv file for future governance

My team resource

resource "github_team" "teams" {
  for_each                  = { for team in var.github_teams : => team }
  name                      =
  description               = each.value.description
  privacy                   = each.value.privacy
  create_default_maintainer = true


locals {
  github_organization = csvdecode(file("data-files/organization.csv"))
  github_organization_members = csvdecode(file("data-files/organization-members.csv"))
  github_teams = csvdecode(file("data-files/teams.csv"))
  github_team_members = {
    for file in fileset("data-files/team-members", "*.csv") :
    trimsuffix(file, ".csv") => csvdecode(file("data-files/team-members/${file}"))
  github_team_repositories = {
    for file in fileset("data-files/team-repos", "*.csv") :
    trimsuffix(file, ".csv") => csvdecode(file("data-files/team-repos/${file}"))

module "github" {
  source = "git::"
  github_organization              = local.github_organization
  github_organization_members      = local.github_organization_members
  github_teams                     = local.github_teams
  github_team_members              = local.github_team_members 
  github_team_repositories    = local.github_team_repositories

and my csv:

oxygen,Life source,closed
sustainability,Providing sustainability data to all,closed

I tried with terraform import module.github.github_team.teams test but that didn’t work