How do I set nomad cpu oversubscription?

Hi Everyone,
I have three nomad client nodes. Each node has 8 cores cpu, I allocate 3 docker containers on one node.

**nomad version:  1.5.6** 

Host Resource Utilization: 1cpu
1st container: 1 cpu
{ “CPU”: 1000,
“Cores”: 0,}
2nd container: 2 cpu
{ “CPU”: 2000,
“Cores”: 0,}
3rd container: 4 cpu
{ “CPU”: 4000,
“Cores”: 0,}

I set CPU values instead of Cores, but I enlarge 1st container cpu from 1 cpu to 2 cpu, It show error message as following:

  • Class dev filtered 3 nodes
  • Constraint ${} = 10.X.X.X filtered 3 nodes
  • Resources exhausted on 1 node
  • Class dev exhausted on 1 node
  • Dimension cpu exhausted on 1 node

Thank you very much

Hi @lizzyliao,

Unfortunately at the moment Nomad does not support CPU oversubscription in the manner you are looking for.

If you wanted to fit more work onto a single client, you could reduce the CPU resource requested within the job specification. Each allocation could then burst past this, as it is a soft limit.

jrasell and the Nomad team