How do we get official aws appconfig extensions?

the aws documents provide an api call to get a list of the existing official appconfig extentions (list-extensions — AWS CLI 1.32.11 Command Reference).
What is TF way of doing that? I expected to see a corresponding data source, but i can’t locate that…
What am I missing?

Use case:
associate a new or existing appconfig application with one of the official appconfig extensions.
To achieve it:

  1. get existing extensions (list-extensions — AWS CLI 1.32.11 Command Reference)

  2. either:

  • obtain the extension’s id by filtering on the known name
  • obtain the extension’s arn by filtering on the known name
  1. create association with the app either by using extension ID or arn ( Terraform Registry)

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Any thoughts will be appreciated .