How does Nomad schedule jobs?

I have 2 Raspberry Pi, the one with 8 GB of memory is acting as server and client, the other one has only 4 GB of ram and is acting as client only. Whenever I launch a job it gets scheduled on the first rpi, the server, and only on it.
What is happening?

You’re likely to find clarification here in the Nomad scheduler placement documentation.

It might help to explain what you were expecting to happen. From what you describe, it seems perfectly natural for Nomad to place jobs on the node with more resources.

What kind of job are you running? What are it’s resource requests? These would determine how and where Nomad places the job.

If you want the job to be placed on the client-only node, you need to tell the scheduler about that somehow. Either select a node via its attributes, or set some other sort of affinity.