How many KV secret engibe with different path we can create

How many KV secret engine with different path we can create?
Is there any limit?

I don’t think there is a technical limit, however keep in mind that there are no benefits and almost everything you can do with multiple engines can be done easier/faster with path/policy combinations.

Reusing the same engine does have resource costs, memory, disk, etc. At some point you will start to have latency and performance issues with many engines mounted.

To add to @aram’s answer - there is a guide for figuring out how many mounts you can create: Limits and Maximums | Vault by HashiCorp

@jeffsanicola @aram Is there any way to delete the KV version1 secret engine after a certain period of time automatically?

Not in the standard KV engines. I don’t believe there is any metadata in either version of kv that would let you figured out when the secret was created.

However, you can take the code for KV and add that functionality in as a plugin.