How to add multiple users

Hi team,
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I’ve a little doubt regarding Hashicorp Vault.

Consider - We have 500 servers and we have 30 PAs . We wanted to make sure the every SSH key of all these 30 PA’s to be stored in this vault . Vault to push the keys back to server - as there may be cases that PA’s get their SSH key changed and also PA’s move out of the company or move out of the project - then we need to keep the Servers updated with the latest keys on the server.

Can this be done?

If yes can you please let me know what it can be done?

Waiting for the reply

Have you read thru the SSH CA functionality? It should do what you’re looking to do - and 500 servers + 30 (what’s a PA?) would be a small load and entirely doable with a small Vault cluster.

@mikegreen actually can i pull the usernames and passwords from external common database and push it to vault server.Can we do this ?

You can do pretty much anything with the Vault API to load/update/enter data.

I think pulling plaintext passwords from an external system and loading them into Vault is a bit odd from a security practice, but doable for sure.

You should read up on this - where you can use userpass and SSH CA together:

And also maybe creating a single entity for a user, which consists of the user/pass and other auth methods: