How to assign IP address to image being created in Openstack & Packer w/o floating ip pool

I am trying to create image with packer for first time in Openstack step. How Openstack setup does not provide floating ip pool but have network and subnet available with fixed cidr range. I did not find any option in documentation to assign fixed ip address to assign to instance. Is there any way one can set only the subnet/ip address in the build section ?

I get following error, other VM instances can be created in the setup with ip address allocated from above network/subnet

openstack: Error creating floating IP from floating network ‘2a830f1e-86a6-42d7-b261-57adeffaa944’: Bad request with: [POST https://10.xx.yy.zz:nnnn/v2.0/floatingips], error message: {“NeutronError”: {“message”: “Bad floatingip request: Network 2a830f1e-86a6-42d7-b261-57adeffaa944 doesn’t provide a floatingip pool.”, “type”: “BadRequest”, “detail”: “”}}