How to associate multiple EIP's to NAT Gateway using Terraform


How can I associate a secondary IP address (which is a new feature of Amazon) to a NAT gateway using Terraform?

I couldn’t find the association of multiple ips to NAT gateway in Terraform documentation, so I tried it myself, but after trying so many ways, I’m not able to see anything in the edit secondary ip address section in NAT gateway. What could be the possible solution for this?

I don’t use AWS, but in general, with Terraform, any new feature a cloud provider releases, which involves a change to their APIs, is going to require an update in the relevant Terraform provider for talking to that API, before it can be used.

And, indeed, a quick search of terraform-provider-aws’s GitHub issues turns up [Enhancement]: Allow secondary Elastic IPs in Nat Gateway configuration · Issue #31229 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub