How to bind multiple user-assigned identity on different AKS VMSS?


After the AKS created, there have one or many VMSS for nodepools, and all of VMSS naming is dynamic. (eg. aks-agentpool-34xxx601-vmss, aks-monitorpool-34xxx601-vmss)

Because these VMSS is auto created when AKS provision, it seems have no way to bind one or multiple user-assigned identity on different VMSS with terraform.

This seems could only bind one identity.

Actually I want to use these identity for “AAD Pod Identity”, so I need to bind different user-assigned identity on different VMSS.

If I have multiple VMSS genereated by AKS.

An VMSS probably have one or many user-assigned identity, is it possible to do this by terraform?

Same here, have you been able to find anything?