How to configure/modify UI to select OIDC auth on auth form by default (rather than "token")

Hi Friends!

That’s it - using vault in a company we have constantly a number of confused questions “how to login” simply because people can’t remember to pick “OIDC” from drop-down on auth form. How to make it select by default in the most convenient way? Thanks in advance

Hi @RodionGork ,

Have you tried the steps in this support doc?

Oh, thanks a lot. I’ve seen this but obviously misunderstood what it does (confused “visibility” meaning). Now tried - surely it works as needed. Sorry for such a silly question and thanks for speed correcting my confusion!

Not a silly question at all! I hadn’t thought of doing that before so glad to see we had an answer. At least two of us learned something new so I think it was a great question :slight_smile: