How to configure PKI workers

I saw the new PKI worker type in the latest release of Boundary, but the documentation does not tell how to configure or is it only for Boundary HCP?

Hi Florian,

Currently the best guide is the Manage Workers tutorial, which was written with HCP examples. PKI workers can be used with any Boundary deployment, but KMS workers can’t be used with HCP.

The current docs page for PKI workers is located here:

Hi stellarsquall,
thank you for mentioning the Workers tutorial, I have not read it before and only saw the docs page for the PKI worker.
So am I correct, that if I use initial_upstreams instead of hcp_boundary_cluster_id inside the worker configuration I can use my own Boundary controller?

I want to connect controllers with workers hosted in different clouds and this PKI Worker type sounds like a solution to that setup

that should be right :+1:

Swap hcp_boundary_cluster_id with initial_upstreams, and skip setting BOUNDARY_ADDR if you’re following along with the guide.

We’ll do a better job at documenting that use case soon!

Thanks for clarifying this, I will try it out