How to create a webtest alert notification

I’ve seen the following issue #3868 but the given solution is only for a ‘group’ of Alerts in application insights and also does’t work reliably, for example; when a service is back up online there is no ‘resolved’ message send. Is this just not supported yet, or is the API bugged, because like mentioned in the ticket above, using Microsoft.Insights/Webtests does not work properly.

I’m basically trying to replicate the following rule from the azure portal (what you get when you create an alert manually within the portal)

Condition: Whenever the failed locations is greater than or equal to 2
Action: Inform action group 1

If anything is unclear, please let me know I’ll elaborate further.

Thanks in advance.

Anybody? I’m still looking for a solution, I’m starting to feel like this is a feature that still needs to be implemented in the plugin.