How to create an Azure Data factory Azure SQL Database dataset using terraform

I am trying to create an Azure SQL Database dataset using terraform for my Azure Data Factory. The code bellow works fine to define a linked service:

resource "azurerm_data_factory_linked_service_azure_sql_database" "example" {
  name                = "example"
  resource_group_name =
  data_factory_name   =
  connection_string   = "data source=serverhostname;initial catalog=master;user id=testUser;Password=test;integrated security=False;encrypt=True;connection timeout=30"

But I can’t find a way to create the dataset, since the only resource provider for SQL datasets is the azurerm_data_factory_dataset_sql_server which does not work with the provider azurerm_data_factory_linked_service_azure_sql_database because it was supposed to be used with the azurerm_data_factory_linked_service_sql_server

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